Only .50 Solana to mint
Minting using

Click “MINT NFT SOLANA” to mint. This link will take you to were you can mint a Bored Dragon Fish on Solana. Just connect your wallet. Click mint button on bottom center of screen. Approve transaction. Now you own a BDF NFT!! Congrats. After mint you will be able to immediately post for sale on secondary market. 

Sneak Peak of Solana Collection
Minting on: 6/13/22 (MINTING NOW)

Secondary Market Links


Proton XPR

Proton XPR Rarities (HARD CAP) 3333 TOTAL MINTS

Body Traits

Shirt Traits

Hat/head Traits

Retired OG Traits

Solana NFT traits will be posted 2 days after mint.

Custom hand crafted non generated Bored Dragon Fish (Proton Chain)

Bored Dragon Fish endures pangs of boredom in his limited space. Weary of his life swimming around a small aquarium for rich people because they think his vibrant color and coin-like scales will bring them unlimited wealth, he perseveres, hoping for something better.

Each Bored Dragon Fish is handcrafted then randomly generated for the Proton and Solana Blockchain.

Our Team

GNFT – Founder

GNFT’s is the founder of Bored Dragon Fish. Got the idea from his old business importing tropical fish in which he got bought out. His duties is website design, coding, graphic design and all marketing. 

Edward – Artist

Ed was scouted by GNFT. Had no experience at first with drawing in photoshop. In just 2 weeks of training he started making traits. 

Ol Boy Photos – Copyrighter

Ol Boy Photos is one of the OGs that bought into my collection and the largest buyer of BDF. He saw my copyrighting and spelling was like a 1st grader and offered his skills. Now all copyrighting is done by Ol Boy. Also is an admin in our telegram. 

Carlos – Artist

Carlos is our 2nd in house artist funding by Bored Dragon Fish income. He now works on other projects and is paid directly with sales from Bored Dragon Fish. 


Original roadmap for XPR chain was finished. We hired an in house artist and created the BDF token. Please look at our community and past sales on this chain.

Proton chain is whitelisted and verified on Proton Mint. Upon sale out on Solana we will list on solsea and magic eden.

Whitelisting for future NFT projects with Bored NFT Labs.

Merch for holders. Check out our canvas prints on the Proton chain.

Upon sale out of Solana or Proton XPR chain we will start building of the "FISH TANK" a private members only club in the metaverse.

Bored Dragon Fish Token Utility (Proton chain only) (Plans for Solana chain)

1 Common BDF NFT = 700 tokens
1 Uncommon BDF NFT = 800 tokens
1 Rare BDF NFT = 1100 tokens

24x24 canvas print of your BDF NFT w/ free shipping. (lower
48 states. USA only) = 1100 tokens.

1 Gordotero NFT = 200 tokens

1 Proton Arowana = 100 tokens

Bored Dragon Fish token is airdropped to first buyer after a fresh mint only. Tokens can be resold.

Canvas Prints Bought with BDF Tokens

If you like a canvas print of your NFT we can print yours for $89.97 USDC or Bitcoin equivalent. USA LOWER 48 STATES ONLY. FREE SHIPPING.

Bored Dragon Fish NFT will be a status symbol in the Metaverse. Start collecting now while floor price is low.

How to buy a Bored Dragon Fish on

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